How Much Does it Cost for a Lawyer to Review a Commercial Lease?

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Entering into a commercial lease is a significant commitment for any business owner. With the potential for long-term financial and legal implications, it’s crucial to ensure that the lease agreement is fair and protects your interests. One of the best ways to achieve this is by having a lawyer review your commercial lease before signing on the dotted line. However, you may be wondering how much it costs for a lawyer to review a commercial lease and whether it’s worth the investment.

The cost of hiring a real estate lawyer to review a commercial lease can vary widely, depending on factors such as location, the complexity of the lease, and the experience of the lawyer.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Lease Review Services

When it comes to the cost of having a lawyer review a commercial lease, there are several factors to consider. The first factor is the location of your business and the lawyer. Attorney’s fees can vary significantly depending on the region, as local market rates and the cost of living will influence pricing. Generally, you can expect to pay higher fees in larger cities or more expensive areas.

The second factor is the complexity of the lease. A straightforward, standard lease may require less time to review and will typically cost less than a more complicated agreement with numerous custom clauses and provisions. Additionally, certain industries or types of businesses may necessitate a more in-depth review due to specific regulations or requirements.

Lastly, the experience of the lawyer will also affect the cost. More experienced attorneys may charge higher rates, but their expertise can be invaluable when it comes to identifying potential pitfalls and negotiating favorable lease terms. It’s essential to strike a balance between cost and experience when choosing a lawyer to review your commercial lease.

Scenario 1: Low Cost Review (Under $750)

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John, a small business owner, was excited to open his first retail store in a bustling neighborhood. He found the perfect location at a reasonable rent and was eager to sign the lease. However, he knew that having a lawyer review the commercial lease was essential to avoid any potential legal issues. With a tight budget, he was concerned about finding an affordable attorney who could provide reliable advice.

After researching and contacting several lawyers in his area, he found a small law firm specializing in commercial leases that offered a flat fee of $600 for reviewing a standard lease. The attorney, Laura, had over five years of experience and had helped many other small business owners in similar situations. John decided to go ahead with Laura’s services.

Laura reviewed John’s lease thoroughly and identified several clauses that could potentially harm his business in the long run. She pointed out a clause that would make John responsible for all the maintenance costs and suggested a revision to share these expenses with the landlord. Laura also noticed an ambiguous rent escalation clause, which could lead to unexpected rent increases. She recommended a modification to ensure that the rent increases were capped at a reasonable percentage each year. John was grateful for Laura’s insights, and he was able to renegotiate the lease terms with his landlord, securing a better deal for his business while staying within his budget.

Scenario 2: High Cost Review ($2500)

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Catherine, a successful entrepreneur, was preparing to expand her high-end restaurant to a second location in an upscale shopping district. She came across a prime location with the perfect ambiance for her business. However, given the complexity of the lease and the high stakes involved, she knew that she needed an experienced attorney to review the contract.

After thorough research and consultations, she hired Martin, a well-respected attorney with over 20 years of experience in commercial leases. Martin charged $500 per hour for his services, and he estimated that the lease review would take around five hours, totaling $2500. Despite the high cost, Catherine felt confident that Martin’s expertise would be worth the investment.

As Martin reviewed the lease, he discovered several problematic provisions. One clause stipulated that the landlord had the right to terminate the lease if another tenant in the shopping center was willing to pay a higher rent. Given the volatility of the commercial real estate market, this put Catherine’s business at significant risk. Martin proposed an amendment that would protect her tenancy and prevent the landlord from terminating the lease without a valid cause.

Additionally, Martin identified a clause that held Catherine’s restaurant responsible for a disproportionate share of the shopping center’s common area maintenance fees. He negotiated a more equitable distribution of these costs, ensuring that Catherine wouldn’t be saddled with an unfair financial burden. The high cost of Martin’s services proved to be a valuable investment, as he helped Catherine secure a lease that safeguarded her business and allowed her to focus on the growth and success of her new restaurant location.


The importance of having a lawyer review a commercial lease cannot be overstated. By seeking legal advice, you can protect your business interests and avoid potential pitfalls. As illustrated by the two anecdotes, the cost of lease review services can vary significantly, but finding the right lawyer for your needs is essential. By carefully researching and comparing attorneys in your area, you can make an informed decision and secure a lease that works in your favor.

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Mr. Hachey opened his real estate law practice in Tampa, Florida in 2007. He is admitted to the Florida Bar and is also a graduate of Florida State University, earning his law degree in 2005. He is also a current member of the National and Florida Board of Realtors, the Florida Bar (Bar number 15322), and a Circuit Civil Mediator in the state of Florida.

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